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New intra-cities sewer pact needs OK from state

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An agreement that would turn ownership of the county’s sewer system operations over to the municipalities is finding favor so far among the players involved, but first it needs to get the blessings of the South Carolina Legislature.


A Leaner, More Fit Reedy in ‘07

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It’s that time of year where everyone has a New Year’s resolution, and in the case of the Greenville Drive and myself, Reedy Rip’It, our resolution is to get fit for the 2007 season.


Demand for sewer service dominates committee meeting

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Meeting the ever-growing demands for sewer service dominated a Sewer Commission committee discussion Wednesday.


Legal footnote seen as loophole to funding sewer expansion

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It’s only a footnote in a South Carolina Supreme Court ruling, but that may be enough to help Oconee County expand and fund sewer infrastructure to areas lacking the essential service without having to go through yet another referendum.