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Demand for sewer service dominates committee meeting

SENECA — Meeting the ever-growing demands for sewer service dominated a Sewer Commission committee discussion Wednesday.

The Facilities & Administrative Committee gave the go ahead to approve a letter of intent to commit capacity for a proposed 72-lot development on Hwy. 11 and Fowler Road near Walhalla Elementary School.

Sewer Commission Superintendent said the commitment would entail the treatment of 28,800 gallons a day from the development at the Coneross Wastewater Treatment Plant in Seneca.

Talks also turned to the inevitable development of about 57 acres for sale between Seneca and Clemson along the Hwy. 123 corridor that would further increase the load on the Millbrook pump station.

Although two pumps were replaced at that station 10 years ago, the addition of a new apartment complex by Burton Properties to an already existing Burton complex in the area is taxing the pump station.

“The issue is how are we going to pay for future upgrades at that pump station,” said Winchester. “We need to start some preliminary engineering on doing something with that pump station.”

The committee agreed to await recommendations from the Planning & Policy Committee on the matter of user fees.

Other matters brought before the committee included the “satisfactory” grade issued by the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) after a three-day inspection at the Coneross facility Sept. 25-27.

Asked by some members why just a satisfactory grade, Winchester said the only other grade given is unsatisfactory.

“I’d rather get a satisfactory than an unsatisfactory for sure,” he said.

Committee chairman Dewitt Martin said he and Winchester held preliminary discussions with attorneys representing Seneca, Walhalla, Westminster and West Union about a possible restructuring of the Sewer Commission.

“They agreed in principle to look at it,” said Martin. “It’ll take a while to get everybody to look at it.”