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New traffic signal coming to Central

CENTRAL — A new traffic signal will soon be installed on S.C. Highway 93 near Central, in front of the post office, and officials hope that will reduce the amount of traffic accidents that have occurred there in recent years.

Mayor Mac Martin said the signal, to be installed at the intersection of Mauldin Road and S.C. Highway 93, was made possible by the Pickens County “C” Fund Committee and Chairman Ed Martin.

“It’s been a long project and a lot of people had to cooperate,” Mac Martin said. “I’m glad we got everybody together to help bring this project to fruition.”

Ed Martin said the new signal should be up and operational in about a month.

“They’re putting some of the signal wires in now,” he said.

Ed Martin said “C” funds (which can be allotted for any transportation right-of-way involving state, federal, county or municipality) provided $56,000 for the signal project — a much needed improvement that has been approximately three years in the making.

“There were obstacles like an overhead power line and transmission lines from Duke Energy and we had to work with Southern Railroad to put signal wires on the other side of the railroad tracks and to bore under the railroad,” Ed Martin said. “It was pretty involved.”

But Ed Martin said he is glad to see a project that he has long been fighting for come to pass.

“The biggest concern is with all of the apartments that have been built behind the post office and how, on most weekday mornings, there is a lot of traffic around that intersection,” he said. “Some accidents were taking place as students were pulling out to go to work.”

But the “C” fund chairman said there are additional projects that will soon be in the works for Pickens County. Ed Martin said another traffic signal is being installed on Old Bethlehem Road and S.C. Highway 8 beside the DMV office — a $110,000 project (due to radius improvements for turning) in which design work is already taking place. As with the S.C. Highway 93 signal near Central, a high number of traffic accidents triggered the project.

In addition, Ed Martin said the intersection of Cambridge Drive and Issaqueena Trail is set to undergo improvements to the tune of $35,000.

“The buses are having to make an awkward turn, pulling into head-on traffic,” Ed Martin said. “It’s an awkward turn for a larger vehicle.”

The Pickens County “C” Fund Chairman said that project remains in the design stage and should get under way sometime during the next six months.