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Arrest list for Seneca drug sweep

As reported in yesterday’s edition of the Daily Journal, the Seneca Police Department conducted a drug sweep targeting 24 individuals for 65 warrants. Suspects are being charged with the distribution or sale of crack cocaine, marijuana and prescription medication. Including individuals already incarcerated in Oconee County Detention Center, police are pursuing warrants on 33 people.

The following is a list of arrested suspects as of 5 p.m. yesterday afternoon:

–Jeffery Allen Clinkscales, 28, 126 Northwoods Dr. Apt. L, Seneca

–Terrence O’Neal Cleveland, 24, 1207 E. Main St., Seneca

–Brandon Lee Simpson, 24, 806 Williams St., Seneca

–Thomas Emanuel Mark, 20, 3051 Brookfield Dr., Seneca

–Randall Scott Culbertson, 17, 838 Old Clemson Highway, Seneca

–Russell Scott Culbertson, 46, 838 Old Clemson Highway, Seneca

–Allison Denise Laye, 30, 123 Northwoods Dr. Apt. E, Seneca

–William Antron Henderson, 38, 317 Ponderosa St., Seneca

–Kermit Eugene Moss, 31, 903 E. South Second St., Seneca

–Ronald Anthony Peters, 22, 313 South Pine St., Seneca

–Jackie C. Robinson, 51, no fixed address, Seneca

–Pamela Regina Moss, 27, 903 E. South Second St., Seneca

–Dewitt Marvin Jackson, no age listed, 12 James St., Seneca

–Steven Ranslow Allison, 35, 412 Ambert Dr., Westminster

–Moses Boaz Cobb, 19, 307 Woodland Dr., Seneca

–Jeremy Ricardo Cleveland, 20, 125 Northwoods Dr. Apt. J, Seneca

For further arrests, look in the Daily Journal’s arrest report.

Source: Seneca Police Department, dispatch office