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Girlfriend of Clemson’s McDaniel is identified

Through documents gathered by the Daily Journal / Daily Messenger, the woman who accused Clemson defensive back DeAndre McDaniel last week of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature has been identified as Ms. Abra Weeks.

Ms. Weeks told Central Police last week that McDaniel assaulted her several times inside and outside his University Village apartment on Saturday, June 21. McDaniel allegedly engaged in a heated argument with her in which Weeks pushed his head while lying in bed. She said McDaniel then placed a comforter over her head and began choking her while jerking her head up and down.

She also said McDaniel struck her with a closed fist to her face and head area. Eventually, she said he shoved her down a flight of stairs and punched her in the chest as she fled from the apartment toward her car.

However, news broke late last week that refutes Week’s claims. Three witnesses issued statements saying they saw things differently, including one that said he saw McDaniel carrying her down the stairs.

“I heard DeAndre say, ‘I’ve repeatedly asked you to leave, but you will not leave, I just want you to leave my house,’” the witness recalled in their statement. “As DeAndre was bringing her down the stairs, he kept saying ‘Let it go, let it go,’ but she kept grabbing on to something, so DeAndre put her down after the first flight of stairs.”

Another witness said McDaniel did not chase Ms. Weeks to her car or hit her in the chest as Ms. Weeks indicated in the incident report.

“I was woken up by someone beeping the horn outside, Saturday morning, June 21, 2008, around 7 a.m. I got up to see who it was and saw Abra walking to her car (Camry), which was parked outside my window,” the witness said in their statement. “I saw her laughing as she stated, ‘I’m just going to leave; I know the law, my mom or relative has been working with that stuff for about 20-30 yrs, so I know I’m not going to be the one going to jail.’ I saw her continue to giggle as she got in her car and then she drove away.”

Attempts by the Daily Journal / Daily Messenger to contact Ms. Weeks in regard to these statements were unsuccessful.

“If these witnesses’ statements are true, then he is not guilty of what he is charged with,” said McDaniel’s lawyer, Chris Olson of Olson, Smith Jordan and Cox, P.A. of Clemson.

If convicted of these misdemeanor charges, McDaniel could face up to 10 years in prison. The defensive back, who played in all 13 games last season, will go in front of the university’s judicial review board on Wednesday.