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Inman accused of making knife

PICKENS — A man charged in the strangling death of a Clemson University student is accused of using a broken radio to make a knife while in jail, according to court documents reviewed by a newspaper.

Jerry Buck Inman has been in a private cell at a Pickens County jail, awaiting his trial for two years. Inman has been charged with murder, rape and kidnapping in the death of Tiffany Marie Souers, of Ladue, Mo. Authorities have said a bikini top used to strangle her was still wrapped around her neck when she was found in her off-campus apartment in May 2006.

Court documents reviewed by The Greenville News said jail officers found the remnants of a radio and what they say was a plastic homemade knife, the newspaper reported Sunday. The officers, who are the only people to come in contact with Inman, noticed pieces of plastic on his food tray and found a piece of hard plastic sharpened at one end in his cell, according to a warrant in Inman’s legal file.

“The device was explicitly formed, by the defendant, for the solitary purpose of inflicting injury to an officer,” the warrant says.

A wide-ranging gag order in the case has been issued and not only covers lawyers, but also relatives of Inman and Souers.

Inman’s trial is scheduled to begin in September. His attorneys have asked for a different venue because of media coverage.

Inman was arrested in June 2006 near his mother’s home in Dandridge, Tenn., during a nationwide manhunt launched after investigators matched his DNA to samples taken from Souers’ apartment.

Inman also faces charges in the attempted rape of a 24-year-old woman in Rainsville, Ala., and in the rape of a 28-year-old woman in Sevierville, Tenn. Authorities have said those crimes occurred in the days leading up to Souers’ death.

Inman spent about 18 years in prison in North Carolina and Florida for rapes he committed as a teenager. He is a registered sex offender in both states. He was free for about nine months before his June 2006 arrest