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Oconee County man has fraud charges dropped

SENECA — An Oconee County man arrested by Seneca police last December on charges of writing fraudulent checks has had the charges dropped, Maj. John Covington of the Seneca Police Department confirmed Thursday.

Stanley Phillips had been accused of writing checks linked to one of his old accounts. Each check written at several Plez-U convenience stores bounced.

“This case was dismissed because it was proven that Mr. Phillips did not sign the checks,” Covington said.

By law, if someone issues a bad check, the merchant may send a certified letter giving that individual 10 days to make payment or face charges. If a check is written from an already closed account, no 10-day period is given, and the matter automatically turns into a legal matter, Covington said.

Phillips said although the charges were dropped, he still has to live with the stigma of being arrested.

“It is really unfair,” Phillips said. “I was the victim of identity theft. But I still get asked about getting arrested. I was asked about it just this Sunday after church.”