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Inside the huddle with Clemson’s James Davis

The Daily Journal / The Daily Messenger is in Jacksonville, Fla. to cover the Clemson Tigers in the Konica Minolta Gator Bowl. All-ACC running back James Davis sat down with us to give some insight into what he is thinking about and how he is feeling as the Tigers get set to play Nebraska today at Jacksonville’s Municipal Stadium. Davis talks about the Konica Minolta Gator Bowl, his last game, the records and his birthday in his last one-on-one interview as a Clemson Tiger.

DJM: How ready is the team?

Davis: I’m really happy with what I have seen with the guys. I think we are ready. We are ready.

DJM: At your last practice, they carried you off the field. Talk about that experience.

Davis: It was kind of a surprise. It was our last bowl practice. Just being here at the bowl site, it was nice. It was real fun getting carried off the field. I tried to get all the running backs to carry me off. It was great.

DJM: With the game now here, what is your mindset?

Davis: I really go into every game with the same mindset. I can’t think about the records or any of that. If I just play my game that will all come. Just like the South Carolina game, I try to run hard and play hard as much as I can. That’s my whole mentality going into this game.

DJM: Has it hit you yet that this is your last game as a Clemson Tiger?

Davis: It will hit me more as the final seconds wind down. This is my last time playing with C.J. (Spiller) and the seniors on the team. I will miss C.J. a lot because he is the guy that I have been around a lot since he has been here at Clemson.

DJM: You will address the team one last time, what will you tell the guys in the team meeting?

Davis: I just want to tell them I appreciate all the work they have done. I want to tell my offensive line thanks for coming along at the end and helping me get within reach of the rushing record. I definitely want to thank the defensive guys because they stood in there when their coach left, and they came in here and they practiced harder. That says a lot about guys’ character because they did not do anything crazy off the field so that says a lot.

DJM: Today is your birthday. So what do you want for your birthday?

Davis: Well of course I want the records. I would love to have the rushing record, but I want to win the game and that comes first. But I would love the records.

DJM: You have been through the whole NFL process already, what kind of advice will you give C.J. about turning pro or not?

Davis: I’m going to tell him that he has to first make this decision by himself when he makes it. People are going to give him advice and what they think he should do, but I will tell him that he should go from the heart. I had a lot of people last year tell me that I should go and leave, but at the same time, when I slept on it and dreamed about it, I decided that I needed to go back to school. Getting a degree and all that was very important because you have to have something to fall back on. C.J. is a smart guy, and I know he will make the right decision.

DJM: Is there anything you would like to tell the Clemson people?

Davis: Everybody knows I love the fans. If I could do anything for them, you know I will. They have been great.

—Will Vandervort