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Hometown Hero: Sergeant First Class Brian Addis and CPT Bo Thomas

Brian Addis is an E-7, Sergeant First Class in the US Army. He has been in the Army over 13 years. He is a Combat Communications Specialist, working mainly with secure communications. This could be with satellite, cell phone or radio communications in the theatre.

He is currently assigned to the 2-14 Calvary at Camp Taji 20-30 kilometers north of Baghdad, Iraq. He has been there just over one year and has about three months left to serve in Iraq. When he returns, he will be stationed at Ft. Gordon in Augusta, Ga.

Addis is a 1994 graduate of Walhalla High School. He has a wife, Heather, and daughter Briana, currently in Schofield Barracks in Hawaii.

His grandfather, Lloyd Addis, was in the Army during World War II. His grandfather, Curtis Lane, retired from the Army. His father, Dwight Addis, served 20 years in the US Air Force retiring in 1992 and currently lives in Walhalla with his wife, Hope, and daughter Rachel. Brian has two brothers Dan and Steven.