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Family Connection SC grant awarded to Gettys MS

Megan Lingefelt, sixth-grade guidance counselor at Gettys Middle School, received a $275 grant from Family Connection South Carolina. Ms. Lingefelt will use this money to promote Awareness: The Key to Friendship at Gettys. Through this program, Ms. Lingefelt will have the opportunity to help students without disabilities, as well as teachers and people in our community, better understand what it is like to live with a disability.

As part of this friendship awareness program stations are set up with activities to help students understand what it is like to be disabled. For example, one station may include learning what it is like to be deaf or to be in a wheel chair. Another station may allow them to see what it is like to be blind. Each child will experience four different stations during the beginning of the semester next year. The grant, sponsored by the South Carolina Department of Education, will enable Gettys to continue the program each year.