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Hayes’s sister reads thank-you note after Hall of Fame entry

TAMPA, Florida (Reuters) – Bob Hayes, known as “The World’s Fastest Human” after winning 100 meters gold at the 1964 Olympics, gave thanks on Saturday for being elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame despite having passed away in 2002.

Lucille Hester, the sister of the Dallas Cowboys receiver, read to the Hall of Fame news conference a 1999 letter from “Bullet Bob” Hayes written to her three years before he died at 59 from kidney failure after a long illness.

Hayes, who also played one season with the San Francisco 49ers, held 16 Cowboys’ records when he left Dallas in 1974.

“You know I am not sure I am going to be around if I will get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame so you must read this for me…,” the letter said.

“I would like to thank everyone who supported me to get into the NFL Hall of Fame, the Dallas Cowboys organization, all of my team mates and everyone who played for the Cowboys (thank the San Francisco 49ers too).

“Thank the fans all around the country and the world, thank the committee who voted for me and also the ones who (maybe) did not vote for me. Thank Mother and my family, thank (quarterback) Roger Staubach and tell all my team mates I love them.

“Thank the Pro Football Hall of Fame, all the NFL teams and players, Florida A & M University, thank everyone who went to Matthew Gilbert High School, then everyone in Jacksonville and Florida…

“Thank everyone in the city of Dallas and in Texas and just thank everyone in the whole world.

“I love you all.”

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