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Bobcats’ summer camps a big hit in community

SENECA — While many high school coaches are at home enjoying what precious time they have with their families this summer, many from Seneca High School have been staying plenty busy over the last several weeks.

Across five different sports, nearly 200 kids from around the community have been on the Seneca campus this summer to take part in a variety of summer camps run by a variety of head coaches, assistant coaches and student-athletes.

The top attendance figures belong to the baseball and cheerleading camps, both of which attracted nearly 50 campers.

The camps for basketball, football and softball each attracted 30 to 40 participants, making for a busy summer around Seneca.

While camps had been held in the past in a variety of sports, Seneca athletic director Duke Lee said it was a concentrated effort this summer to offer so many camps, which has worked out extremely well.

“We made a huge push to get the word out in the media, on our website and to the feeder schools about the camps, and the community responded,” Lee said.

The camps go right in line with a number of other efforts made by the athletic department to get involved with the community, which it has called on for nominations for the Bobcats inaugural athletic Hall of Fame class, while student-athletes have volunteered their time at Seneca’s feeder schools and various varsity teams have hosted recreation nights at select home games.

“That’s been a huge push in the last year or year and a half,” Lee said. “We want to be a school that brings the community in and is always open to provide things the community can be proud of.”

And to continue that goal during the coveted summer months make Lee particularly proud, as its his goal to expand the programs next summer to make even more of impact.

“It takes a lot to do one of these camps,” Lee said. “It’s a lot more work than people realize. It takes up a week of their summer, and it’s a good way to reach out the community.”