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Michael Jackson “Suit of Lights” glove up for sale

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – He was famously called “The Gloved One,” and now anyone can slip their hand into one of only two Michael Jackson electric-white gloves that could sell in the six figures, an auctioneer said on Tuesday.

Joseph Maddalena, who heads auction house Profiles in History, said the item was consigned by glove designer Ted Shell and worn by the singer on the Jacksons’ 1984 Victory Tour.

“Michael Jackson is ‘The Gloved One.’ That’s his nickname. That is one thing he’ll be remembered for,” said Maddalena, who said the glove comes with a letter of authenticity from Shell.

Jackson died suddenly last Thursday after suffering cardiac arrest at age 50.

Over the years, he wore many gloves when he performed, of course, but the glove being sold by Profiles in History is one of only two made for Jackson’s “Suit of Lights” on stage.

Shell not only designed the glove, but he went on the Victory Tour to protect and maintain the glove. After the tour ended, Jackson gave him one glove and kept the other, according to Maddalena.

The glove is emblazoned with bugle beads, Austrian crystal rhinestones and fitted with 50 small lights powered by a small battery placed in the cuff of the glove.

The glass light bulbs were wired on separate circuits making them twinkle at random for added visual impact on stage — now that’s one hot glove.

“I estimate (the value) at $60,000 to $80,000, but it could sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Maddalena said, noting the fervor over items owned by the King of Pop due to his death could easily push the price up.

In fact, a recent sale by Julien’s Auctions of 21 items of Jackson memorabilia brought in more than $200,000. One painting with an estimated sales value of $1,500 sold for $20,000, according to Julien.

The illuminating white glove being sold by Maddalena is just one of many Jackson items that will go up for sale at the Profiles in History auction set for October 1 and 2, 2009.

Maddalena said other items include costumes Jackson wore on stage, a platinum record for the 20 millionth copy of “Thriller” and a fedora the singer wore that says on the headband that it was made expressly for Jackson.

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