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Beaufort’s Nolan wins Dixie Home Run Derby

In a dramatic two-hour long Home Run Derby during the opening ceremonies of the 2009 Dixie Boys World Series on Friday evening at the Shaver Complex, it was Beaufort’s Tony Nolan who emerged victorious by one homer.

Twenty-four kids competed in the derby, two from each of the 12 teams. Each participant was given ten outs, which was anything swung at or hit that did not go over the fence, to hit as many home runs as possible.

“I was nervous when I started but I settled down and relaxed, that’s when I was able to start hitting the ball out,” Nolan said. “I had four outs before I hit my first homerun, but once I found my swing, I was able to get a few in a row and that allowed me to win.”

Nolan hit nine homers — one better than three other participants. The host team from Seneca did well in the competition with Zach Steele belting three long balls and Drew Adkins hitting one blast over the outfield fence.

“It was fun,” Steele said. “I enjoyed the experience and think it was good experience getting ready for the tournament. I’m excited to be playing in the World Series here in my hometown and look forward to playing hard and doing well.”

Steele was the first to bat in the competition and he set the stage with a shot over the wall on his first swing.

After his outs were exhausted, it was his teammates turn.

“It was nerve racking,” Adkins said. “I was nervous but once I settled down a little it was fun. It was tough going first and I didn’t have my cleats, so that made me a little uncomfortable, but it was fun and I enjoyed it.”