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Seneca’s keys to victory over Pickens

1. Keep the pressure at bay

Currently sitting at 0-5, it’s safe to say that there is plenty of work to be done in order to salvage Seneca’s season. But that body of work needs to be just that, a body, and cannot happen in just one week. It’s natural to try and press to get the first win of the season, but pressing is not an answer for the Bobcats. No one can deny that there is a monkey on their collective back, but it will stay there if the team thinks about it. When taking the field, the team cannot think that they need to get their first win, but must think that they need to get a win. They need the win because it is in the region, not because they are winless. The sooner they relax and don’t feel the five losses weighing down on them, the better.

2. Find a big play

Seneca has scored three touchdowns on the season, and its longest one was 10 yards. The team has yet to find any sort of big play threat on special teams or offense, and either one would provide a spark that Seneca has yet to see this season. In fact, teams are perfectly willing to load the box when the Bobcats are on offense because of their lack of production anywhere but the short middle of the field. In order to beat Pickens, the Bobcats cannot be content with small chunks of yardage all the time. There will need to be a momentum swing, whether in the return game, the passing game or the running game to help the Bobcats prove to themselves they are capable. Against the Blue Flame’s aggressive defense, big plays are out there to be had.

3. Tighten up the middle

A week ago, Blue Ridge torched Seneca for just under 300 yards on the ground and averaged 10 yards per carry. The week before, the Bobcats yielded 272 yards to Clinton at a rate of just under five yards a clip. That lack of toughness up the middle and through to the linebackers will not help the team earn a victory against anybody, especially Pickens’ stout running game led by Jordan Freeman. The Bobcats do get middle linebacker Stephen Mihaly back from an injury this week, and his presence should help contain the run, but the front seven, led by Jalen Hunter and Donte Morris, must come together and force Pickens to work for yardage on the ground. If not, they could be in for a long game that Pickens dominates in time of possession and on the scoreboard.