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Going rogue and going strong

With Sarah Palin’s memoir, “Going Rogue” set to hit bookstore shelves in November, the hype over her new book and her ability to harvest scads of media attention are keeping the ex Alaskan governor in the limelight.

Clemson political scientist, Dave Woodard, said he doesn’t think that will change any time soon as her popularity doesn’t seem to be diminishing.

“Palin is popular with the GOP for three reasons,” he said. “Her life experiences show that she has lived out what she believes. She has executive experience, and was destined to have more of it until she was hit with $500,000 in legal bills for harassment lawsuits. She had a reputation for working ‘across the aisle’ until the Democrats in Alaska went on the warpath and opposed her. And three, she is a terrific speaker and can light up a room. Not everyone has that gift, for instance, ask Al Gore.”

And while no word has been given as to who the GOP frontrunner for the 2012 presidential election is, Woodard agrees that she has at least one thing the GOP is all about.

“She is the exact opposite of Hillary Clinton,” he said. “She is ultimate anti-feminist, anti-New York snob liberal, anti-self-righteous arrogant witch. She is a wife and mother, who does bake cookies, and doesn’t mind doing so; she has a husband she likes, and she is a Christian who lives out her convictions. In short, she is an example of millions of American women who think it is OK to be happily married, go to church, love their kids and still work at something they believe in.”

And in the end, the fact that Palin can push her message and people will be around to listen may just be her strongest attribute.

“She is not the favorite, not even the ‘contender’ in some eyes, but she is a person who can draw a crowd,” he added. “Look, if we were to have a fundraiser for her up here, we could fill up the venue overnight. People want to hear from her. Not that they will vote for her for president, they just want to see for themselves what she is like. That is a nice thing to have going for you. Now, just suppose she turns out to really excite them … then, she is a contender. Keep an eye on her. The left hates her for a reason, and they are afraid of what she can do.”