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Your new-look newspaper has arrived

Welcome to your new community newspaper, The Journal.

Yes, we’re new in appearance and organization, but The Journal is the same old friend people in Oconee County and Clemson have depended upon for generations. We’re like a treasured family member everybody knows and usually likes, but with a new set of clothes.

“Your newspaper is unchanged in the areas that count the most,” Publisher Michael Leonard said. “We still, and always will, maintain an unflagging concentration on local news and advertising, financial information you need, state, national and world news, and a lighter side of features and comics.

“With this redesign project, we’ve just freshened and updated our look and name to better reflect the nature of the people we serve.”

The decision to change the newspaper’s name to The Journal, rather than continuing separate Daily Journal and Daily Messenger front pages, was made after considering a great deal of community input.

Clemson area and Oconee County residents share far more interests and concerns than differences. What affects one area generally has an impact on the other, as well.

With this new format, readers in the Clemson area and Oconee County consumers will now be able to read a comprehensive report on all the local news in one paper, not just that which is particular to their side of the Lake Hartwell bridge.

“It is a testimony to your newspaper’s strength and commitment to its readers, that in a very challenging economy we have invested the time and resources to carry out this needed change,” Leonard said.

The Journal staff was led in the redesign by Ed Henninger of Rock Hill, a nationally-respected newspaper design consultant who focuses on assisting community newspapers.

“This is one of the more successful projects I’ve done in some time,” Henninger said. “Credit for that goes to the team at The Journal. During the months I’ve worked with them, I’ve experienced their strong sense of caring for their readers, their advertisers and their community.

“The look of the new Journal is clean, crisp and compelling—just what readers and advertisers tell us they want. Content has been reorganized so it’s easier to find. Packages are better defined to make reading faster and easier. Overall, it’s a concise and contemporary look.”