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A Leaner, More Fit Reedy in ‘07

It’s that time of year where everyone has a New Year’s resolution, and in the case of the Greenville Drive and myself, Reedy Rip’It, our resolution is to get fit for the 2007 season. I believe it was on December 12th that we all realized that we needed to get in shape for the upcoming season, because that was the day we learned Gabe Kapler was going to be the Drive’s new manager. Have you seen that guy, he is seriously JACKED!

Gabe has personally become my inspiration to get in shape, because lets face it, 70 home games get be quite grueling for a frog. I have to build my endurance for the extreme heat, and my biceps to hold all those kids during photo opportunities. It’s like my good friend Kermit once said, “It ain’t easy being green.”

Thanks to the Greater Greenville Shrinkdown it has been easier for me to keep up with my workout schedule and eating healthy – I’m not sure if you knew this, but flies are very high in fat and calories. Joining me during the Shrinkdown are 9 members of the Drive Front Office – Mike deMaine (General Manager), Mike Bonasia (Dir., Promotions & Game Entertainment), Eric Jarinko (Dir., Media Relations), Adam Sadler (Dir., Ticket Operations), Kristin Yanowski (Dir., Sponsor Services), Karen Schieber (Group Events Coordinator), Mike Andrews (Corporate Marketing Manager), Ray Sayre (Head Groundskeeper) and Justin Raney (Assistant Groundskeeper).

So far we have weighed in twice for the event and we are averaging 2.3 pounds lost per person. We have Mike deMaine to thank as he is carrying us on his shoulders, losing 11 pounds in two weeks. Unfortunately, I have somehow gained two pounds in the two weeks. I’m not really sure how that has happened. I’ve been exercising 3-4 times a week. However it could be the big breakfasts at the Ham House (that place is excellent, I highly recommend it) or the lunch outings to Pete’s Original with the grounds crew.

I can promise you this much, we have 7 weeks left in the Shrinkdown and only 75 days until Opening Day on April 9th, I will be fit and trim by then. Look out for a much leaner Reedy in ‘07. We have our third weigh in tomorrow, January 26th, so keep checking back for my blog updates.