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Vision for Pendleton and Hayes

Randy Hayes

The Journal

PENDLETON — After Randy Hayes beat out Pendleton’s incumbent mayor, Carol Burdette, during the November election, his vision for the town continues to evolve.

Included on his checklist are a desire to improve Pendleton’s recycling system, and honing in on ways to become more “green,” like promoting the use of electric vehicles and bicycling.

“We are at a point in time where these options are not only feasible, they can make a big difference for our town, state and nation,” he said.

When it comes to economic development, Hayes wants business expansion on the outskirts of the town square.

“The square has improved, but it too, can be better,” he said. “When it comes to the corridors of the town, that’s where our focus needs to turn in the immediate future.”

Perhaps Hayes’ loudest message is fiscal responsibility and education.

Beyond a growing relationship with Tri-County Technical College and financial transparency, Hayes is pushing for better relationships when it comes to the people of Pendleton and local law enforcement.

“We soon hope to have the Anderson County Sheriff’s officers give public reports, so people wanting to address concerns will have the chance to do so,” he added.

The current docket for the Pendleton Council includes a possible zoning overlay for the square, a noise ordinance that would prohibit loud music reaching a certain decibel and establishing a town Facebook page.

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