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Shooting, threats closed game

Seneca and Daniel basketball closed to fans

Parents will be allowed to attend Seneca–Daniel clash


SENECA — Seneca Police Chief John Covington confirmed Thursday that a drive-by shooting in Seneca on Sunday precipitated a decision to close tonight’s basketball game between Seneca and Daniel high schools Inflatable Boats.

“We did have a shooting last weekend,” Covington said. “At first, someone had made the statement that it might be regarding the Seneca–Daniel rivalry. Initially, we thought it was, but it’s been ruled out. It is not a contributing factor. The shooting is still an open and active investigation.”

Initially the game was going to be closed to all but players, coaches, school administrators, game personnel, police and members of the media. New information Thursday led school officials to determine that players’ parents will now be allowed to attend.

Seneca Principal Cliff Roberts said that although there ended up being no connection between the shooting itself and the Seneca–Daniel rivalry, both schools had to be cautious in light of significant student safety concerns.

“If information is brought to your attention, as a school leader responsible for safety, you have to act on the information you have and school officials from Daniel and Pickens County proposed that we play the game closed to ensure safety — not just for our students, but everyone involved,” he said.

“With all the information we had, we felt it was the best decision we had at that time.”

Roberts declined a request from The Journal to speak to students or even student body representatives regarding the decision.

“Our goal is that the situation will become resolved and that we will continue to move forward and operate as we always have and that the rivalry will be good and positive like it has always been for both communities,” Roberts said.

Meanwhile, Covington said an arrest is expected to be made in the shooting within the next 48 hours.

Between 10:30 and 11 p.m., Sunday, multiple shots were fired into a Thomas Heights home No injuries were reported. At least one Seneca basketball player was in the home at the time of the shooting.

On Tuesday, Clemson Police were contacted by a concerned parent who said her son had been wrongfully accused of the Jan. 24 drive-by, and that there had been rumors of retaliation, according to a Clemson PD supplemental report. The parent was concerned her son could be attacked during the Daniel–Seneca game.

Thursday’s junior varsity game was cancelled altogether.

Greg Oliver contributed to this story.

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