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Arrests: 7/7/07

Jabari Dante Craig, 17, 106 N. Hunter St., Seneca, assault/resisting officers or employees

Kenneth Austin Hyde, 22, 320 Forest Creek Dr., Seneca, speeding, more than 10 but less than 15 mph over the speed limit, driving under the influence, .08, 1st offense

Steven Cory Suttles, 21, 123 Morning Side Ln., Westminster, open container of beer or wine in motor vehicle

Linda Ruth Grimes, 53, 303 Arphenia Dr., West Union, breach of peace

Joseph Douglas Lee, 23, 361 Berry Farm Rd., Westminster, open container of beer or wine in motor vehicle, driving under suspension, license suspended for dui-1st offense

Tyreese Donte Morris, 28, 318 S. Lawrence Dr., Seneca, contempt of court penalty for violation of court order or children’s code by adult

Seth Erskin Pass, 17, 200 Greenfield Rd., Westminster, public disorderly conduct, manufacture, possession of sch. IV drugs, except flunitrazepam, with intent to distribute-1st offense, possession of other controlled sub. in sched. I to V-1st offense

Tina Marie Cornett, 19, 1117 Thatcher Rd., Seneca, petit or simple larceny

Michael Wayne Ridley, 28, 504 Bulwinkle Dr., Walhalla, temporary custody order

Brenda Sue Cape, 45, 361 Mormon Church Rd., Seneca, shoplifting, value $1000 or less

Drugh Lashawn Hunter, 21, 610 S. Alexander Rd., Seneca, temporary custody order

Michael Wallace Baldwin, 42, driving under the influence, .08, 1st offense

Roger Lee Brown, 45, 221 Rock Creek Rd., Fair Play, use of firearm while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Phillip Barry Price, 50, 124 Jennings Rd., West Union, driving under the influence, .08, 2nd offense