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Clemson CC approves name change for Morrison Annex

CLEMSON — The Morrison Annex now has a new name.

Clemson City Council Monday night unanimously approved Calhoun Bridge Center for the former all-black school that later served as a kindergarten through second grade facility for Morrison Elementary School. Assistant City Administrator Chip Boyles said the Morrison Annex Building Committee recommended two possible names, Calhoun Center being the other, for council to choose.

“I like that name (Calhoun Bridge Center) very much,” Mayor Larry Abernathy said. “I think that’s more descriptive.”

But Abernathy said he was also cognizant about preserving the name of Margaret Morrison, whose name adorned the Butler Street facility for many years.

“The name Morrison has been associated with education in this community for more than 70 years,” he said.

At Abernathy’s suggestion, council also agreed to rename the auditorium after Morrison.

Boyles said the building committee also wants a sign, similar to the Clemson Area Chamber of Commerce Depot (where the names of the occupants are underneath) at the Calhoun Bridge Center.

Renovation of the facility began last summer and included interior demolition, replacing the flooring and doors, as well as some of the windows and ceiling. However, most of the interior walls remain.

DP3 Construction, which performed the $1.3 million renovation, completed the project earlier this year.

The center, which houses the Clemson Child Development Center, the Arts Center and the Black History Museum, will be formally dedicated at 12:30 p.m. May 5.